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Barbara Carson Todd

writer + coach = writing coach


I love writing. I love helping other people write their books, matching my voice to theirs. 
Love it when people who thought ‘I can’t write a book,’ find out they can.



No Matter What Life Throws At You https://link.medium.com/JT3gDoLBIW

Some ghostwriters like to sugarcoat the working relationship. I like to share what’s behind the curtain, how we work together and why I love working as your ghostwriter or coach:




  • The best time to write is before you think about writing. Don’t think, just do, and as early as possible. Before your Inner Censor wakes up.

  • Too often, our thoughts get in the way of our writing. Here’s a way around that, and it only takes 17 seconds.

  • Dating is risky because we learn so much about ourselves. We learn a lot about what we really want in a relationship, for one thing. 

  • Sometimes, we compromise so much, trying to make a relationship work. It’s seldom worth all that effort. 

  • My Greatest Teacher Still Can’t Tie His Own Shoes is a story about my younger son, who has turned out to be an incredible blessing to his family.

  • Inferior Girl an early memoir on Kindle. Some people look back fondly on their childhood and adolescence. For me, childhood was like navigating a minefield. Adolescence was worse. But, when I was 15, I learned to play the violin and found it was the best therapy ever.  It kept me strong, and helped me survive. 


JJ Hanson: A Bittersweet Goodbye


Barbara Carson Todd

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