About Me:   I'm a writer/ghostwriter/coach. I publish my own stories and articles, but I also love to write for clients, working on their books, blogs, articles and content.  Blending our voices to get your story out there intrigues me and I love being part of the process.

How To Work With Your Writing Coach or  Ghostwriter

Sometimes a writer/author relationship clicks straight away, and the writing just flows. More often, there's a bit of a dance back and  forth, as we find our way, and meld our voices into one.

I love helping other people write their books,

matching my voice to theirs. That moment when people

who thought, "I can't write  a book," find out they can.


Barbara, I'm so glad you're with me on this part of the journey!

Kristen Hanson, project, Every Day Is A Gift: JJ Hanson's Story



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